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“Tentmaking: A Ministry of Choice – A Choice for Ministry”


Welcome to the World of Tentmaking


Tentmakers follow the path of the Apostle Paul, the first "Tentmaker".  Making tents as a living,  he proclaimed  the Gospel in every city and village he visited. Believing that "God has appointed a time for every matter, and for every work (Ecclesiastes 3:17,) tentmakers serve churches and Christian communities across the globe.  Rural, urban, suburban, transition, yoked, clustered, or other...Tentmaking is a covenanted ministry of clergy and congregations.  With special challenges and opportunities, members of the Association of Presbyterian Tentmakers support one another in this specialized ministry. 


The purpose of the Association of Presbyterian Tentmakers is:

 1) To be advocates for alternative models of ministry throughout the church.

 2) To define and affirm Tentmaking as a valid express ion Christian ministry

 3) To nurture and support tentmakers as continuing active members of presbyteries in good standing.

 4) To foster mutually beneficial contacts and relationship with similar organizations in other denominations and other parts of the world.

 5) To organize conferences which shall provide opportunities for worship, fellowship, spiritual growth, and for the meetings of the Association.


Join us on our tentmaking journey, be you clergy, seminarian, or a member of a congregation or other institution.  Use the resources on this website to enhance your Christian life, to answer your questions, or just to find out about an exciting, but not new...for St. Paul started it...way of Christian ministry.


Study Papers of the APT 2014 Conference at Austin Seminary

  1. Church to Market

  2. Higher Calling

  3. Bivocational minister warns against Bivocational Ministry

  4. Liberating the Light of Industrial Chaplaincy

So--- What's Your Tent Life Like?

Join Us!

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re Tentmakers and Part-time pastors can be found Here.